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Benefits of Offer Lettings

Most Estate Agencies spend a lot of time and energy building the sales side of the business and the thought of expanding into Lettings plus the extra time and qualifications necessary deter many from trying.

“Offering Lettings” is an opportunity to increase your income and profitability or if you are opening a new office having an additional service with low overheads can provide you with a quick income stream and could mean the difference between success and failure at this crucial time.

“The Management Office” is currently working with many letting agents most of whom have created high income earning and valuable property portfolios, recently with the tough financial climate this has helped ensure their survival and in most cases continued growth.

By “Offering Lettings” many Estate Agents have reported their sales levels have also increased as a result of higher board presence in their area and the added opportunity to buy and sell properties to Landlords within their portfolio.

Overall more sales, more business, more profit!

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